PlaySquareTM is a brand new media experience for your iPad.

We call it Touchable TelevisionTM.

Happy Birthday Dog!

Touchable Television allows you to step into the story world and play.

You enter the story by finger drawing a playsquare on the screen. Once you're in, you become an active part of the story. You can explore, discover and create elements from the story to propel the episode along. You're not just watching – you're a part of it!

We call PlaySquare a nutritious experience for your child. Because they're active, not passive. Because they're learning while they play. Because it's easy and intuitive and, obviously, fun!

PlaySquare is everything we've always wished kids' television could be. And now, finally, it is.

Touchable Television for the Touchscreen Generation.


Children get to learn and play in an environment designed just for them.

  • Rich, colorful, award-winning animation
  • Lovable, funny characters
  • Engaging, immersive story world, in which children can explore, discover, collect and create different parts of the story as they play.
  • Reinforces eye-hand coordination and motor skills
  • Expertly crafted to be played again and again!